Planting these fruit trees for children and local communities provides several benefits:

  • Fruit is a beneficial food, especially for growing children
  • Tree cover helps to retain moisture and reduce the impacts of droughts
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide, reducing the climate crisis
  • Provides shade cover
  • Offers local economic benefits

Trees are heavy!


Most of these trees were planted by children. Not only are they excited about the produce they will get to eat this way they are invested in the well-being of those trees!


The bottom picture shows the pure joy on the faces of the women of this village after trees were planted locally.

Children of all ages took place in planting more than 18,000 trees throughout the region, over a two month period in 2019. Over half of the funds utilised for these trees came from a Canadian couple and many of their guests (as wedding gifts).


This is a good thing for many reasons, one of which is these trees will absorb tons of carbon out of the air, some of which originated in North America!


In 2019 the following trees were planted in 90 schools and 10 communities:

·         200 moringa,


·         5,500 local mango


·         6,000 tamarind,


·         4,000 avocado, and


·         3,000 lemon

Below: Can you see the joy in the school children's faces? These trees will make a significant difference to their communities.