Our Mission: To promote integrated development and capacity building activities for the young generation.


Originally inspired by Mr. Ochole Moses, the Executive Director, a survey of the suburbs and sub counties in the districts of Teso and Karamoja revealed that there was a high crime rate, a lack of awareness of human rights, high rates of immorality, neglect of the children (especially girls), a negative attitude towards work, and a high rate of unemployment among the youth.

Young Leaders Organization is focusing on changing all the lives of the youth, children and particularly girls, in Teso and Karamojaand, by working with other community based organizations, associations and schools in order to equip the youth and children with economic skills so as to reduce the high dependence burden of the youth & children on their parents and other caregivers.


a.    The promotion of education including vocational education for vulnerable youth, children and particularly girls.

b.   The promotion and protection of children’s rights in the target areas
c.    The promotion of self-reliance in the target needy areas.
d.   The promotion of integrated development activities
e.    To purchase, take on lease, hire or otherwise acquire relevant assets for the execution of the objectives of the company.
f.     To manage, develop, sell mortgage any other property or asset of the company.
g.    To accept subscriptions and donations whether of real or personal estate in securities or otherwise in such a manner as the case may be from time to time.

Our Values



Growth  Accountability



As these children plant food crops (provided by YOLOU) we plant education, hope and a brighter future into our youth.