Making a Difference

Young Leaders of Uganda responded to the crisis with food
In the drought of 2018 more than 10 million were without enough food

An ongoing drought in Uganda intensified poverty, especially in the rural areas, was partially addressed through our partnering with the international community. Young Leaders of Uganda distributed food aid but also helped to build the infrastructure required in Uganda in order to avoid such circumstances in the future.

Food and seed aid

Short term food aid is desperately needed in order to avoid more than one million people from dying of starvation. Seeds are urgently needed as the rains have begun and planting needs to occur now.

Just $70 USD feeds  10 families for one week! This pays for 40 KG's of beans and 50 KG's of posho (a corn-based starch; similar to polenta in Italian cuisine). Our network can rapidly and securely deliver these urgently needed supplies in one day, saving lives.

Subsistence farming is the hardest hit

The failure of several rainy seasons has especially devastated the farming communities. The seeds needed to plant for the upcoming season have been eaten to stave off starvation, but have left them in an extremely vulnerable position.

Just $10,000 USD will provide enough seeds for about 2000 farmers.

In February (2017) some seedlings were donated and given to children.

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Water & Irrigation

Modern methods of irrigating crops and strategically planting trees result in the country once again being able to more than feed its own people.

The rains have begun to return. These children are contributing by planting seedlings and watering them. Just $500 provides enough seeds to feed hundreds of families

Water & Trees

Wood is the principal source of cooking, but the loss of tree cover is contributing to the loss of soil humidity and increased erosion. Trees need to be planted.

We have dug many wells such as the one pictured above. These sources of water, especially during this extended dry period, are making a huge difference. We have also planted thousands of tree seedlings. Funds are needed to develop irrigation systems so that farmers can securely grow food, as well as purchase more tree seedlings.

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Equipping farmers to grow crops suited for drier conditions, crop rotation, natural pest control, reforestation and irrigation is essential in order to improve the country's resilience.

We have been educating children for some time. Education efforts urgently need to be expanded to farmers.

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